Admiraal De Ruyter hospital - "Bold choice for BlackSatino"

The Admiraal De Ruyter Hospital (ADRZ) in Vlissingen has furnished the interior of 25 public toilets with BlackSatino.

Natasja Mariman, programme manager of the renovation: “A hospital appointment can be quite stressful. That is why we wanted to do away with the traditional, white, clinical waiting rooms where a visitor might feel even less comfortable instead, we have opted for lounge-like waiting rooms with a Zeeland-feel that our visitors recognise and where they feel at ease.

However, the decisive factor in the purchase was not the colour; it was foremost the environmental performance of BlackSatino. BlackSatino contributes to the hospital’s wish to be sustainable



That is why the toilet facilities also needed to be consistent and have a modern appearance; our supplier Weststrate had a role to play in this and thanks to the choice of BlackSatino, it has been a huge success. The waiting rooms and toilet areas complement each other well in terms of ambiance and are now uniform. It is a pleasant place to be.

The renovation of the hospital was the reason for taking a new direction, not only in terms of decor, but also in terms of financing. Crowd funding raised no less than 15.1 million Euro. We owe it to the Zealanders to spend their money in a socially responsible manner. With BlackSatino, we can be sure that we are doing that.”

Bas Schutgens
Business Development | Circular economy