The circular service concept

Waste becomes a raw material

Thinking and working in cycles offers a perspective for our future and that of our planet. With the circular service concept, we put this into practice: we use paper waste streams for the production of hygiene paper – thus ensuring measurable environmental savings and significantly more sustainability at our customers.

Avoiding residual waste

Using towel paper as a raw material

Our aim is to make washrooms more sustainable and circular. With our innovative circular service concept, we invite you as companies and organisations to participate in this proposal.

Used towel papers are thus no longer disposed of as residual waste at your site but serve as raw material for the production of hygiene paper. This paper is then used again in your organisation's washrooms. Moreover, by keeping the paper in the region, BlackSatino circular concepts avoid unnecessarily burdening the environment.

In this way you achieve more than just a measurable reduction in residual waste. You secure raw materials and ensure environmental savings in terms of CO2 emissions, energy and water – and you are part of a forward-looking, closed cycle.

In an organisation with 300 FTE's, you save more than 44,900 litres of water and almost 1,600 kg of CO2 annually by using BlackSatino toilet paper.

Paper retrieval

The circle is complete

This is what a perfect cycle looks like:

  • you collect your company's paper waste (we will be happy to explain how this is ideally done).
  • Your paper waste is collected by the waste disposal company and transported to our factory as raw material for BlackSatino hygiene paper.
  • The toilet paper we make from it is then delivered back to your company for use in your washrooms via a service and distribution partner. 

Together with the partners in this chain, we close a loop at the local level, relieve the environment and take responsibility for the waste and raw material problem.

Check paper retrieval

Do we offer paper collection in your area?

We also support your company with other sanitation services and with internal and external communication about your sustainability activities in the sanitation sector.

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From circular flow goals to facility management strategy

Facility managers play an important role in closing loops and implementing a company's circular flow goals. After all, they are the ones who determine which products and services are necessary for their company. The facility manager's guidelines provide the framework within which the buyer or contract manager operates.

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