We believe there's a different way of doing things

This is why we at BlackSatino aim to make a difference. We want to enhance every aspect of our users’ toilet experience – all the while maintaining a clear focus on sustainability, making a difference to the world. Our philosophy is to ensure that our solutions are as sustainable and circular as they can be. And to combine this with style and design.

We engage in active conversations and work together with different parties to ensure that we provide innovative, future-proof solutions and services to make sure hat your users always have the best possible experience.



Hand hygiene is always important. For yourself and for the people you come into contact with.

Good hand hygiene is a combination of frequent hand washing and good hand drying.


We are committed to making a difference every time someone uses the toilet area. A difference in terms of a pleasant toilet hygiene experience and a transformation that benefits the future, for everyone. Our philosophy is to ensure that our solutions are as sustainable and circular as they can be. We are turning our attention to how products are designed, manufactured and experienced.

We believe that sustainability and style can be blended to create contemporary products alongside associated services. We want every visit to the toilet facilities to be a pleasant one. After all, this reflects on the organisation responsible for maintaining these areas for everyone’s satisfaction.

"Practice what you preach, daar komt het op neer."
Ans Christophe
Lid van het College van Bestuur

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BlackSatino focuseson sustainable development. The products carry the Cradle to Cradle, FSC Recycled and European Ecolabel certification. Moreover, they are produced carbon neutrally and do not contain any harmful chemicals. That makes BlackSatino safe for the environment and for mankind.