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From the home office back to the office: the challenges for facility management

Hygiene remains a big issue. With the onset of the Covid crisis, companies have taken a wide variety of measures to protect and maintain the health of their workforce. In this whitepaper, we try to inform about what lessons you can learn as a facility manager – and what needs to happen in terms of workplace hygiene when

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Setting an example with circular economy

In 2016, BlackSatino developed the first retrieval concept for towel paper: paper waste from companies thus became the raw material for new hygiene paper, which the same companies then consumed again. This created a perfect cycle: it ensures less waste, fewer CO2 emissions and measurably more sustainability. This makes BlackSatino a pioneer in its field – as well as...

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The megatrend of sustainability: six insights for facility management

From start-ups and mid-sized businesses to large corporations: companies of all sizes have made sustainability an important issue. They develop long-term sustainability strategies, they define sustainability goals and they publish their activities and achievements in corresponding reports. But in fact, sustainability has many facets. And the way they are put into action.

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Get the most out of your existing contracts

Companies are aware of the opportunities that circular entrepreneurship offers and the impact they can achieve when they choose to act circularly. Despite the growing awareness of circularity, we find that many companies still do not know how to create a circular economy with their existing partners and suppliers.

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From cycle targets to facility management strategy

Facility managers play an important role in closing loops and implementing a company's circular flow goals. After all, they are the ones who determine which products and services are necessary for their company. The facility manager's guidelines provide the framework within which the buyer or contract manager operates.

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Reduce residual waste through towel paper recycling

Read more about WEPA's circular service concept – and how used paper towels become the raw material for hygiene paper.

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From coffee cups to hygiene paper

Successful circular economy is not a solo effort, but needs committed partners. The example of De Volksbank, EcoSmart, CWS & Initial and WEPA Professional shows what this can look like.

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Realise an optimal circular purchasing process

Companies are increasingly aware of the impact they can have on the world. For real impact to be made, circular thinking, closing loops and buying circular solutions must become integral parts of doing business.

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