Measurable sustainability

CO2 neutralised production

At BlackSatino, our production is CO2 neutralised certified. Not only do companies and organisations benefit from so much sustainability when they use our products, but also a social project in Rwanda.

CO2 neutralised

Sustainability with a social aspiration

The BlackSatino production process is completely CO2 neutralised: we only use green electricity, and we offset further emissions in the value chain with Gold Standard Carbon Credits, i.e. at the highest level.

Our emission credits are used for a project in Rwanda, which allows families to change their everyday cooking habits with a simple new oven. The result: less deforestation, less smoke and thus less air pollution, and lower CO2 emissions. This is how we ensure better health for families, the preservation of biodiversity and a cleaner local environment – and people can dedicate themselves to paid work and education.

The project which BlackSatino is helping to finance through its commitment contributes to a CO2 reduction of 140,000 tonnes.