Admiraal De Ruyter Hospital

"Bold decision for BlackSatino"

The Admiraal De Ruyter Hospital (ADRZ) in Vlissingen, Germany has equipped its 25 washrooms, which have high visitor frequency, with BlackSatino. With the somewhat daring decision for BlackSatino – in a black finish – the ADRZ breaks with the tradition that hospitals usually opt for white.

High demands

Feeling good

Natasja Mariman, programme manager for the refurbishment, explains: "An appointment at the hospital causes unease and nervousness in many people.

This feeling is reinforced by the traditional, white, clinical waiting rooms, which is why we decided to change it.

For this reason the washrooms also had to be given a different and modern ambience. The fact that we succeeded excellently with BlackSatino is therefore also thanks to our supplier Weststrate. The waiting rooms and washrooms fit well together in terms of atmosphere and create a uniform appearance. Here, visitors experience a pleasant atmosphere."


The reconstruction prompted the hospital to take a new path, not only in terms of equipment but also with financing. 15.1 million euros were raised through crowdfunding. "We have a duty to the Zealand people to use the money in a socially responsible way. With BlackSatino we're sure that we live up to this responsibility."