Guide to more sustainability

Our impact on the world should be as positive as possible. At BlackSatino, we strive to be better and better. Eco-labels and certificates serve to verify the success of our efforts.

Eco-labels and certifications at BlackSatino

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a concept that enables development towards a true circular economy. Our products are tested by the EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) and are Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

The European Ecolabel

The European Union's EU Ecolabel for consumer products guarantees that production processes are performed according to strict environmental standards. This is a reliable guide for organisations and consumers who want to protect the environment through their product choices. Products labelled with the EU Ecolabel are characterised by being more environmentally friendly and healthier than other products.


Responsible forestry keeps our forests healthy and the environment intact. The FSC label is proof of this commitment. The FSC Recycled certificate stands for products that contain only recycled material: paper fibres from fresh pulp are completely dispensed with – which is particularly gentle on forests.


At BlackSatino, our production is 100% CO2 neutralised – thanks to consistent green energy and with the help of Gold Standard Carbon Credits, which contribute to a CO2 reduction of 140,000 tonnes annually.

Blue Angel

The world's oldest eco-label has existed since 1978. For hygiene paper, the Blue Angel label focuses on the raw materials used and product safety, whilst environmental and health protection are in the foreground. The first products in the BlackSatino range are currently undergoing certification.