Our story

Zwarte zeepdispenser met hand

Our journey

Sustainable growth and further innovation
BlackSatino's sanitary solutions are circular, made with sustainable and responsible raw materials, 100% safe for people and the environment and CO2-neutral. The Cradle to Cradle criteria form the basis of what we build and explore with our partners and end users, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and design.

Whereas in the past we only used office paper as a raw material, we are now able to do more and more because we continue to challenge ourselves. With the right drive and perseverance, we have succeeded in developing a unique process. This process enables us to convert local, alternative raw materials safely and in varying compositions and volumes. We take nothing for granted and we continue to innovate and develop, because there is always another way, a better way.

We believe that it should be possible to develop sustainable concepts without making concessions on design. BlackSatino solutions are produced without harmful additives and are 100% safe for people and the environment. In addition, the concept bears the following eco-labels: Cradle to Cradle (link), CO2-neutral (link), EU Ecolabel and FSC quality labels.
We solve today's problems with sanitary solutions that do not have a negative impact on tomorrow.

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