"A concept that fits in with our sustainability philosophy"

Electricity grid operator TenneT aimed for a high level of sustainability in all areas for its new headquarter building in Arnhem (NL). An additional requirement for the washrooms was that the design of the dispensers should match the overall concept TenneT intended for the building.

Quality, sustainability, price

How three pillars come together

Natasja Mariman, programme manager for the refurbishment, explains: "An appointment at the hospital triggers unease and nervousness in many people.

This feeling is reinforced by the traditional, white, clinical waiting rooms, which is why we decided to change it.

For this reason the washrooms also had to be given a different and modern ambience. The fact that we succeeded excellently with BlackSatino is therefore also thanks to our supplier Weststrate. The waiting rooms and washrooms fit well together in terms of atmosphere and create a uniform appearance. Here, visitors experience a pleasant atmosphere."

Sustainable business operations

"The decision for BlackSatino is closely linked to our move to a new building, as this is an ideal time to make new demands on sustainable operational management. Among other things we use a heat pump heating unit, and a variety of sustainable materials were used in the new building. It's simply logical that we continued this concept with Satino stainless steel dispensers and BlackSatino's Cradle to Cradle products in the washrooms

Introducing the equipment went excellently. In further communication we'll be informing our customers about the sustainability we've achieved."

Best match

The wholesale company Ological from Hoeven won the tender with BlackSatino. The results in terms of sustainability were decisive.