Circular toilet design

As a facility manager, you are looking for ways to realise the sustainability ambitions of your organisation. If you want to apply circularity by means of closed loops, there are several waste streams that can serve as raw material for new products that are already being purchased..

If you want to add circularity to the organisation, toilet areas are the ideal place to start. On this page you can read all about circular toilet facilities and why it makes sense to make them circular.

Make your toilet areas circular

By adding circularity to the organisation you can achieve the sustainability goals. As a facility manager, you can influence this by closing unique loops. To do this, you work actively with your partners (e.g. your suppliers and waste processors). Here you can see which raw materials from your industrial waste can be reused for new products that you in turn buy yourself.

With the right partners, every business space can be made circular. In practice, however, this is not always the case. A company canteen, for example, has different waste streams, from paper to food waste. This means you have to deal with various different suppliers and waste processors. Making this space circular and closing the loops presents a considerable challenge. Making agreements is often difficult and requires a lot of effort. In most cases, making such spaces circular is not realistic and feasible in the short term.

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Toilet areas, however, are ideal for adding circularity. This is due to the fact that, compared to other spaces within the organisation, toilet areas have few waste streams - towel paper is often the only waste stream. As a result, the chain (supplier, waste processor, producer) is less complex, and the challenge less significant.

In order to create sustainable toilet areas, you can opt for sustainable solutions that are based on the hardware or on the use of the space. Depending on your choice and the supplier you work with, you can make the toilet areas circular.

How do you determine the design of your sanitary facilities?

Various options are available to arrange your toilet areas in a circular way. This includes fully circular concepts such as BlackSatino or closing loops by using industrial waste as a raw material for new products.

However, what you want and are able to add to your toilet areas depends on your sustainability objectives. The design of your toilet areas is determined by how you want to achieve the objectives. These include objectives such as water reduction, waste reduction, energy saving and lower CO2 emissions.

Suppose you have a target to reduce 50% of your water consumption within five years. Then you can choose to work with a supplier who produces Cradle to Cradle Certified® products and has designed this process in such a way that water reduction is achieved. In this way they contribute to the realisation of your objective.

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