Circular products

In order to achieve the sustainability objectives of your organisation, you search for circular products and services. There are however many different ways to apply circularity in the organisation and to close loops. On this page you can read how to decide on the best solution for your organisation and what quick wins are available to apply circularity quickly and easily.

How do you choose the best circular solution for your company?

There are various solutions available to implement circular applications within an organisation. Given that parties in the procurement process describe their plan to meet your objectives, criteria other than price are decisive for your choice.

Finding the best circular solution starts with the question 'what does circularity mean to me and what do I want to achieve with it?’ In the procurement process you may find yourself comparing 'apples and oranges', which certainly doesn’t make it any easier to make a choice. So try to get as many objective figures as possible in your request for tender, for example CO2 impact.

Set up a committee

The best way to make an objective choice for a circular solution is to set up a committee. Based on what you want to achieve, you thereby involve those who are responsible for this in the procurement and decision-making process. HR input is required if the objective is to increase employee satisfaction.

In such a committee, everyone contributes subjectivity by assessing a solution. By bringing these opinions together and attaching an objective score, it becomes objective. For example, the least suitable solution is given a '1' and the best solution is given a '3'. You can also assign a weighting to the scores of specific departments. So if HR is the main goal, then their score will weigh more heavily in the decision.

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Hand Marleen met koffiebeker
“People drink coffee at pretty much all companies. Check with your waste provider whether used paper cups can be collected separately to be used as raw material for hygiene paper.”

Quick Wins to quickly add circularity

Looking for quick wins for circular solutions? Carry out an analysis to see where something can be changed quickly. Our advice is to start with the current KPI's and see whether you can add circularity to them. Other quick wins:

  • Analyse your waste streams. Find out the source of the majority of the waste. Think about what you can do to reduce this.
  • Examine where in the organisation similar logistic movements are taking place. You will often find an overlap between processes, which you can combine.
  • Communicate the process internally. What is currently being done with regard to circularity? This encourages colleagues to think along and take action.

From coffee cup to toiletpaper

De Volksbank, EcoSmart, CWS & Initial and WEPA have successfully realized a local recycling loop together. These four partners tell their story about making a meaningful contribution to the circular economy and to a sustainable future.