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Hygienic paper

Within unique circular concepts we use secondary raw materials for the production of BlackSatino hygienic paper.

waste becomes a raw material

BlackSatino is based on the Cradle to Cradle Certified® principle. This idea comes from nature where waste does not exist, every final stage is the beginning of something else.

BlackSatino toilet paper and hand towel paper is made of secondary raw materials; paper streams that are used in organisations. By using them as raw materials, we prevent these paper streams from being disposed of as waste and ensure that they are used as raw materials for hygienic paper.


At BlackSatino we process various local raw materials into two types of toilet paper and hand towel paper, Original and Blend. The properties of the raw materials determine the appearance of the hygiene paper.

The only differences are the raw materials and the associated external characteristics.

BlackSatino Original

This toiletpaper and handtowel paper is produced out of used (confidential) office paper, or archive paper. The input and hence the output, has a high white quality.

BlackSatino Blend

Blend is produced out of a.o. paper coffee cups and used paper towels. These are converted in a mix of alternative raw materials into toiletpaper and hand towel paper.

The composition of the product canvary based on internal and external developments. The paper has a unique, natural colour due to the mix of materials used.

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275470 composition

Toilet- and hand towel paper

Discover the different BlackSatino Original and Blend toilet papers and paper hand towels with their matching hygiene dispensers.

Hygiene dispensers

BlackSatino offers a complete series of dispensers for a stylish washroom. Matte white or matte black, hygienic in maintenance and produced according to the highest sustainable standard.

Brian Jansen
Account Manager | Sustainability | Circular toilethygiene