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Sustainability & BlackSatino

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are an integral part of business life nowadays. A growing number of organisations are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and are starting to set up their business operations in a more sustainable manner.

Sustainable development & BlackSatino

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At BlackSatino, we give meaning to sustainability in several ways.

One example is how we've designed our production process in the most sustainable way as possible. We pay attention to our own processes and those of our partners. We initiate circular collaborations throughout the supply chain and are constantly stretching boundaries.

Circular cooperation

We encourage and enable the circular economy in our business strategy by offering our unique recycling concept by means of closed loops. Within the cycle, the waste service provider collects paper waste streams from organisations and transports them to our factory where it becomes raw material for BlackSatino hygienic paper.
Like this, we prevent the extraction of raw materials from the Earth as well as unnecessary environmental impact caused by transporting waste paper across the globe.

The toilet paper and paper towels that we make from office paper, paper cups and used towel paper is then delivered by a distribution partner to organisations for use in their own toilet facilities.

Together with our partners, we close the loop on a local level, minimising environmental impact and taking responsibility collectively for the issue of waste and obtaining raw materials.

Environmentally friendly production process

Through intensive development, we have succeeded in designing an environmentally friendly production process for BlackSatino.
We follow the Cradle to Cradle Certified® guidelines and focus on 'optimising a positive impact' instead of 'reducing a negative impact'.

With BlackSatino toilet hygiene, organisations can realise serious environmental savings in the areas of water, energy and CO2.

BlackSatino’s sanitary solutions are circular. That means the range is made from sustainable and responsibly sourced raw materials – with absolutely no harmful chemicals. That makes it safe for both people and the environment, and completely carbon neutral.

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Cradle to Cradle Certified®

Cradle to Cradle Certified® means just that: every product you make must ultimately lead to the creation of a new product.

In our process, all harmful chemicals are replaced by raw materials and additives that break down in a natural cycle. The associated hygiene dispensers are also integrated in a technological cycle, which means they will serve as a raw material for new dispensers after their lifetime.

Read more on Cradle to Cradle Certified®.


The production process of BlackSatino is 100% CO2-neutral as a result of only using green energy and offsetting all other emissions with Gold Standard Carbon credits. These credits are used for a project in Rwanda that aims to reduce local CO2.

Read on if you want to learn how BlackSatino reaches carbon neutrality.


Further eco-labels

Besides Cradle to Cradle Certified® and carbon neutrality, BlackSatino products also carry the EU Ecolabel and/or the FSC Recycled quality label.

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European Ecolabel

This quality label from the European Union for non-food products ensures
that production processes remain within prescribed, stringent

FSC Recycled

Reuse of raw materials

Used material, such as recovered paper and recycled plastic, lends itself perfectly to use as raw material for new products. The circular process is thus implemented.