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Our sanitary services

Facility managers have a wide range of responsibilities, within which they must ensure that the organisation can operate properly. Sanitary consumables are one of these responsibilities. The most important thing about toilet hygiene is that it's always prioritised, every moment of the day. It is essential for the pleasant toilet experience of employees and visitors. After all, this reflects on the organisation responsible for the toilet being used.


We make this entire experience possible by taking the responsibility off your hands. We have developed a simple service concept, in which you decide for yourself to what extent you want to outsource washroom services. Together with our specialist partners, we ensure that the agreed services are carried out, guaranteeing a pleasant toilet experience at all times. This includes everything from stock management to the replacement of air fresheners and the cleaning of feminine hygiene bins.

This way you no longer have to think about your toilet areas and can focus on other priorities.

Want to find out which options are available? Please feel free to contact us.

Dennis Heus
International Project Support | Customer orientation | Operational solutions

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