SparQ - Hand soap

In addition to comfort and hygiene, BlackSatino SparQ hand soap also offers a pleasant fragrance experience. Together with BlackSatino SparQ, BlackSatino offers two surprising fragrances for soaps, toilet seat cleaner and air freshener. These aren't standard toilet fragrances, but rather specially developed perfumes for BlackSatino toilet areas.
The soap cartridges are hygienic, easy and quickly changeable.

Maximise the fragrance experience by alternating between SparQ and Qlash. This keeps the olfactory senses of toilet visitors stimulated with a positive effect on the overall toilet experience.
SparQ has top notes of lemon and lavender, heart notes of cloves and tonka bean, and base notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood. It is an aromatic composition with sensual cool and warm tones of citrus and lavender, spices with oriental hints mixed with woody notes, which gives the fragrance a piquant and exotic character.

The SparQ and Qlash perfumes that are used in the soaps, toilet seat cleaners and air fresheners are certified from Cradle to Cradle. This means they are 100% safe for people and the environment.