Qlash - Foam soap

In addition to comfort and hygiene, BlackSatino Qlash foam soap also offers a pleasant fragrance experience. Together with BlackSatino SparQ, BlackSatino offers two surprising scents for soaps, toilet seat cleaner and air freshener. No standard toilet odors, but specially developed perfumes for BlackSatino toilet rooms.

The soap cartridges are hygienic, easy and quickly exchangeable. Because of the foam, the cartridge lasts approximately 2.5 times as long as a normal hand soap.

Create a higher fragrance experience by alternating SparQ and Qlash. As a result, the sense of smell of toilet visitors remains stimulated with a positive effect on the total toilet experience.

Qlash has a top note of citrus that provides a fresh scent, enhanced by the floral character of the heart notes consisting of, among other things, jasmine. The sweet, powdery notes are combined with the oriental scents from the base notes of the Qlash that consist of musk, cedar and patchouli. This combination makes the Qlash an exotic, warm and sensual fragrance.

The SparQ and Qlash perfumes in the BlackSatino soaps, toilet seat cleaner and air fresheners are Cradle to Cradle certified. This means that they are 100% safe for people and the environment.


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