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Hygienic paper

Circular concept - waste becomes a raw material for hygienic paper

We facilitate circular collaborations by means of the closed sustainability loop. Within unique circular concepts we use secondary raw materials for the production of BlackSatino hygienic paper.

The cycles are based on paper waste streams that are produced by organisations.

BlackSatino Original

Used (confidential) office paper, or archive paper, which is used for BlackSatino Original.

BlackSatino Blend

Cardboard coffee cups and used towels. These are converted into BlackSatino Blend in a mix of alternative raw materials. The composition may vary over time on the basis of internal and external developments. Due to the use of various raw materials, the paper has a creamy colour.

The only differences are the raw materials and the associated external characteristics.

The BlackSatino circular concept prevents unnecessary environmental pressure by keeping recovered paper within the region. You can have office paper waste delivered to our factory by a waste collection company. There we convert it to BlackSatino hygienic paper. Your service and distribution partner ensures that these new products find their way back to the toilet facilities in your organisation.

In an organisation with 300 FTE, this means you will save more than 17,400 litres of water on an annual basis and almost 700 kg of CO2 by using BlackSatino toilet paper.
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