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Cradle to Cradle means just that: every product you make must ultimately lead to the creation of a new product. This idea stems from nature, where waste does not exist, and every end of something is the start of something else. In practice, this idea has been translated into two cycles:

Biological cycle:

Within this cycle you ensure that all raw materials and chemicals used in an organic product are biodegradable or harmless. The goal is for materials to be reabsorbed into nature, serving as raw materials for other natural processes.

Technological cycle:

In this loop, you design products in such a way that you can repair or reuse them without loss of value. Many people confuse this cycle with recycling. Recycling, however, is merely a postponing the traditional process (creation, use, disposal), because the product ultimately ends up on the waste heap.

In our process, all harmful chemicals are replaced by raw materials and additives that break down in a natural cycle. The associated hygiene dispensers are also integrated in a technological cycle, which means they will serve as a raw material for new dispensers after their lifetime.

BlackSatino is Cradle to Cradle certified because it meets the following five criteria:

  1. Healthy materials: all chemical ingredients used are harmless to humans and the environment.
  2. Reuse of materials: All product materials are given a new function after use. Either the waste serves as food for nature (biological cycle) and is harmless, or the parts in the production process can be used for a new product (technological cycle).
  3. Renewable energy: The production process makes use of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and water.
  4. Water management: companies who want to work with Cradle to Cradle must demonstrate responsible and efficient water use, as well as the purity of the water they discharge into the surface water.
  5. Social justice and business ethics: companies must demonstrate their adherence to the highest standards of responsibility towards their staff and all other potential stakeholders.