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Carbon Neutral

Doing good instead of less bad

The production process of BlackSatino is 100% CO2-neutral as a result of only using green energy and offsetting all other emissions with Gold Standard Carbon credits. These credits are used for a project in Rwanda that aims to reduce local CO2.

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This project offers families the means to cook differently, resulting in less deforestation, less smoke production, less air pollution and less CO2emissions. We thereby contribute to better biodiversity, better family health, more time for paid work and education, a better social and living environment and job opportunities. By co-financing this project, BlackSatino contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

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BlackSatino's carbon credits contribute to, among other things,
a CO2 reduction of 140,000 tonnes on an annual basis.
At BlackSatino, every day we work with respect for mankind and the environment.
We believe in passing on a better world to future generations.