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Circular thinking is in our DNA

What is circularity?

Circularity is the idea that used or discarded products serve as raw materials for new products or materials to be made. By conducting business in a circular way, companies focus on the preservation of the value of raw materials, parts and products. The goal is to create a world without waste.

Circular entrepreneurship

Circular entrepreneurship means focusing on sustainable business objectives circularity. Circular entrepreneurship essentially starts by pinpointing the meaning of circularity for your company. This definition forms the framework for the application of circularity within the organisation.

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Circular procurement

In order to apply circularity within your organisation, you need to determine exactly how you want to fulfil a particular need. To do this, you will need to take a different look at your procurement processes. With circular procurement, the emphasis is on requesting a solution, rather than purchasing specific products. This involves asking your suppliers for a way to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Circular products

There are various products and services available to apply circularity in an organisation. But how do you know which products or services are the most appropriate for your particular situation? You can discover the right solution by looking closely at your objectives and involving the right stakeholders.

Discover the circular chances for your organization

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Circular toilet areas

By closing loops, you will be able to realise the sustainability ambitions of your organisation. A big part of this is deciding which products come in and out of your building, and thinking about how you can make them circular.

The circular design of toilet areas is an effective means of converting existing, frequent waste streams such as recovered paper, cardboard coffee cups and used paper hand towels into sanitary paper products.

How toilet hygiene contributes to your sustainability ambitions


WEPA Professional has designed a concept that allows companies to participate fully in the circular economy - BlackSatino.

BlackSatino is based on the Cradle to Cradle principle. The use of only secondary raw materials, non-hazardous additives, green energy, economical water consumption, CO2-neutral production and no landfill waste makes BlackSatino the most sustainable toilet hygiene concept. It's 100% safe for humans and the environment.

BS 180285

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