Circular hygiene dispensers

Circular hygiene dispensers

The BlackSatino dispensers are also part of a circular concept. They are produced from plastic granulate from old hygiene dispensers. In this way, we ensure that we secure valuable raw materials and continue to reuse them in a technological cycle for beautiful, sustainable products with added value.

WEPA Professional takes care of the responsible recycling of your old hygiene dispensers by dismantling them, disposing of them and delivering them to a specialised depot. In this depot, the ABS plastic is ground into plastic granulate, which is used for the production of new BlackSatino dispensers. These dispensers are intended for new BlackSatino users.

By giving the old dispensers a new lease of life in this way, the old dispensers are no longer a waste stream, and are instead used as a valuable raw material for new dispensers.

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BS 180271

A total experience, even in the toilet area

Nowadays, sustainability and 'experiences' are all the rage. Even in the toilet area. After all, your visitors’ or employees’ sanitary experience is one of the factors that will influence their overall impression of your organisation. A fresh, clean and hygienic toilet area contributes to a positive image.

People base their experiences and perception on their senses. By appealing to these senses in the right way, this experience can be impacted in a positive way. This is also relevant to the sanitary experience, which is why it requires our attention. A beautiful space that is both tidy and clean, smells nice and uses facilities in a smart way, gives users a positive experience. BlackSatino’s bathroom concept addresses not only sustainability, it also focuses on design and experience in detail. Together this forms an overall good impression.

BlackSatino’s hygiene dispensers have a stylish and refined look. The sustainable design was rewarded with the prestigious international design awards Pentaward and Red Dot Award.