3 tips for good hand hygiene

Hand hygiene has always been important. However, it took a pandemic to make more people aware of it. There is now a lot of attention on this issue and authorities such as the Dutch RIVM and WHO provide clear guidelines on hand washing. We at BlackSatino also receive a lot of questions about hand hygiene and happily share our tips and insights in this blog.

Alcoholic gel or soap?

People often ask us which is more hygienic: alcoholic gel or washing hands with soap and water?
According to
the Dutch RIVM, alcoholic gel is only recommended when there is no possibility of hand washing and the hands are not visibly or palpably soiled.

Frequent washing with soap and running water is recommended.

Follow the instructions

Effective hand washing involves a series of sequential actions. If you wash your hands for too short a time or not as instructed, you are more likely to be left with bacteria and other contaminants. Official instructions, in our opinion, are crucial in this regard and can be perfectly applied to inform staff and/or visitors about the correct steps to take when washing their hands.

Dry your hands properly

People often forget that the way you dry your hands is just as important. In professional environments, paper is scientifically proven to be the most hygienic form of hand drying. Each paper towel is used only once. This way you do not come into contact with the bacteria of the person who dried their hands before you. In addition, paper towels have an abrasive effect, which means that any bacteria left behind will still be removed and disposed of. The paper towel can also be used to shut off non-sensor water taps. This also prevents you from coming into contact with the bacteria of previous users.

Hygienic hand washing can be achieved with the right attention and equipment and is thus a combination of proper washing and proper drying.

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Lindie Feuler
op 23 April, 2021
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